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The images of 0156

The images of 0156
images uncials palimpsests
29/08/22 11:52

What is the provenance for NTVMR's images of the uncial palimpsest 0156? They are not the image printed in Brandt, C., & Rattmann, A. (2011). Die Damaskusreise Bruno Violets 1900/1901 zur Forschung der Qubbet el-Chanzne. Codices Manuscripti. Zeitschrift für Handschriftenkunde, Jahrgang 33, Heft 76/77, 1–20.

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RE: The images of 0156
05/09/22 13:40 as a reply to Patrick James.

Our images are from Violet’s film, just like image 5 in Brandt and Rattmann, only we cropped ours so that only 0156 is seen.

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