The TΜΧΠByzantine Project aims at the systematic research and study of the New Testament text type(s) that prevailed in the Greek-speaking Eastern part of the Byzantine Empire from the 9thcentury onwards. Since the standardized form of this Byzantine-type text has become the liturgical text of the Greek-speaking Orthodox Church this text tradition is of particular interest for our research group. Τhe ultimate goal of our group is, therefore, to provide a critical edition of this text that will enhance the existing Antoniades’ Patriarchal 1904/1912 New Testament edition including a larger number of manuscripts some of them reflecting the earlier stages of the Koine text. On a practical level, this research will provide material for a database of New Testament textual evidence where variations and strands of the Byzantine text tradition as well as its relation to the so-called “initial text” will be recorded. Moreover, we hope that this material will contribute to the revision of the New Testament text attested in the current liturgical books of the Greek Orthodox Church. 

Τομέας Μελέτης Χειρόγραφης Παράδοσης

Byzantine Project

Διαχείριση Ερευνητικού Προγράμματος

Christos Karakolis - Associate Professor of New Testament, University of Athens  

Ekaterini Tsalampouni - Associate Professor of New Testament, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Institut für Neutestamentliche Textforschung
Museum of the Bible - Scholars Initiative
Volos Academy for Theological Studies