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Jn 10:39 αυτον παλιν πιασαι

In the apparatus to the second variant unit of Jn 10:39, NA28 has removed the bracketed remark in NA27 '(2 3 1 pm)'. This means that there is no longer need to define the variant unit in terms of containing three words; just αυτον παλιν is now sufficient. This is a case where pm is sorely missed in the new apparatus, though.
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RE: Jn 10:39 αυτον παλιν πιασαι
19/05/16 10:36 as a reply to Dirk Jongkind.
Yes, you are right.  πιασαι is always the final word of the variations in the apparatus, even for 892s in parentheses.  This will be fixed in the next printing.
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