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Matt. 20:7 in N (and Σ)

Matt. 20:7 in N (and Σ)
04/11/15 10:34
Concerning the addition of (μου) και ο εαν (η) δικαιον λη(μ)ψεσθε in Matt. 20:7: The NA28 apparatus lists C^3 N 565 1241 f h as having μου at the beginning of the larger addition. However, I noticed this morning that N does not have μου there. Interestingly, Σ, a sibling of N from the same exemplar, does have μου. I know Σ is not one of the consistently cited witnesses in Matthew, and I am inclined to think that the addition in Σ was the work of the scribe of Σ, harmonizing to αμπελωνα μου in v. 4 (that is to say, I am not inclined to think the scribe of N omitted a μου that was present in their exemplar). Regardless of whether the scribe of N or the scribe of Σ made the change, N does not have μου in v. 7. The text in question is on f. 2r of the Vatican leaves, the 12th line down in the left column. Cronin (Texts and Studies v) also reports N as lacking μου, noting that Σ has it (p. 21 in the transcription).

Thank you much,

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RE: Matt. 20:7 in N (and Σ)
04/11/15 14:08 as a reply to Elijah Hixson.
Dear Elijah,
Thank you for spotting this. We're in the process of scanning the images of N022 to the VMR and then will take a look at the reading in Mt 20:7.
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