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Codex L & Pericope Adulterae

Codex L & Pericope Adulterae
21/09/15 07:27
The entry for Jn. 7:53-8:11 for L* should be adjusted to more clearly convey that the main copyist initially did not include the passage, but only left a space between 7:52 and 8:12 insufficient for its inclusion (and also insufficient for 8:3-11), thus indicating his awareness of the absent passage, but not his possession of an exemplar which contained it.
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RE: Codex L & Pericope Adulterae
06/10/15 08:07 as a reply to James Edward Snapp.
Thanks for your message. That is a good observation. Actually Tischendorf and Tregelles both note the blank space in L, and Δ, saying, spatium vacuum habent. But it is the opinion of the editors of the NA that this type of information is better left for commentaries or other editions, rather than in a concise edition like the NA.
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RE: Codex L & Pericope Adulterae
20/10/15 20:56 as a reply to James Edward Snapp.
"Sed hoc videlicet infidelium sensus exhorret, ita ut nonnulli modicae fidei vel potius inimici verae fidei, credo, metuentes peccandi impunitatem dari mulieribus suis, illud, quod de adulterae indulgentia Dominus fecit, auferrent de codicibus suis, quasi permissionem peccandi tribuerit qui dixit: Iam deinceps noli peccare, aut ideo non debuerit mulier a medico Deo illius peccati remissione sanari, ne offenderentur insani." Augustine, De Adulterinis Conjugiis 2:6–7.
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