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Acts 13:33

Acts 13:33
19/12/16 18:26
In the transition from NA27 to NA28 with its reduction in cited evidence an anomaly seems to have been created surrounding the words [αυτων] ημιν. The variation unit in NA27 was longer and provided evidence for a text withouth αυτων and with ημιν, justifying the square brackets around αυτων (though Metzger's Commentary indicates that the actual reason is more conjecture than evidence based). Now with the change in the limits of the unit in NA28 and the absence of evidence for a text with just ημιν, it seems that the brackets should either be removed or extended so as to include ημιν. Alternatively, the apparatus could break its silence regarding conjectures or non-consistently cited mss. Currently there seems to be no way to match the critical signs in the text and the readings given in the apparatus.
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RE: Acts 13:33
27/12/16 12:27 as a reply to Dirk Jongkind.
Dear Dirk,
Thank you for your message.  You are right about the critical signs and that there does not seem to be any MS evidence for reading ημιν with the omission of αυτων.  This will probably be addressed in the NA29 rather than in a future printing of the NA28.
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