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Folios missing in Manuscript 720 (Doc ID 30720)


The folios that are for sure missing are








I don't know which of the verso folios are which because the identification number is only on the recto side.

Are the images just missing from this manuscript in the VMR, or are the folios completely missing?

An image of 97r is present, but the next image is of 98v. Why would 97v and 98r be missing, if the folios are both there. Did someone just not turn the page properly when taking pictures? Is there a way to find this out or is there a way to get the images that are missing added to this manuscript? I need them for research that I am doing.

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RE: Folios missing in Manuscript 720 (Doc ID 30720)
07/09/22 17:15 as a reply to Nicholas Antzaras.

I managed to find an alternative to this site where this manuscript is available online for free. It's here:

It would have been nice if someone at the very least could have gotten back to me saying they "were looking into it" or "nothing could be done" or something.

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