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21 - Mark 10:21

Mark 10:21 (segment 40)

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Mark 10:21 (segment 40)
04/08/21 10:46

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GC: Variant a has an incoherent attestation with several A-related witnesses. Variant b has a coherent MT attestation that includes 03.

TP: The article is omitted in the majority variants in the synoptic parallels (Matt 19:21; Luke 18:22), but not in 03, 05, and 038 in Matthew and in 05, 038, 124 in Luke (cf. Parallel Pericopes). As the plural of πτωχός in the NT usually has the article, it is a strong argument for the shorter reading that it is supported by the MT. Most A-related witnesses, however, have the article, and 03 is not a reliable witness with the omission of short dispensable words.

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