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14 - Mark 3:14

Mark 3:14 (segment 6 - 14)

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Mark 3:14 (segment 6 - 14)
03/08/21 17:09

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GC: The shorter text, variant a, has a coherent majority attestation including a group of witnesses with A as their first potential ancestor. Variant f, the variant adopted in NA28 with the relative clause in brackets, has some incoherencies but with two witnesses, 01 and 03, that have A as their first potential ancestor.

TP: The text is difficult with or without οὓς καὶ ἀποστόλους ὠνόμασεν because the expected second accusative is either missing (variant a) or the relative clause which also occurs in Luke 6:13 takes its place (variant f: he made twelve into those whom he also called Apostles). Without the relative clause, ποιεῖν must be taken to mean “determine” or “appoint” as in 3:16/1b, for which an exact parallel is hard to find elsewhere.[1] It is improbable, however, that the longer reading gave rise to the shorter here, the more so because the relative clause appears in different places in several variants. This suggests that the phrase was taken over from Luke 6:13 several times.[2]


[1]        Cf. LSJ s.v. ποιέω ΙΙΙ. BDF §392.1e (cf. BDR §392e n. 6) suggest that ποιέω with “a more nearly purposive ἵνα” means “cause, effect” here, but it is difficult to integrate δώδεκα into this construction.


[2]        Cf. Collins, Mark, 214; Greeven in Textkritik, 195–96.


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