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Acts 11:18 (segment 12)

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Acts 11:18 (segment 12)
03/02/18 09:50

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Split a/b

GC: A strong core of A-related witnesses for a is accompanied by several incoherencies. The b attestation is coherent only if IR is set to b or, with IR=?, if connectivity is set to 10, which is adequate given the eye-catching change of tense.

TP: The incoherencies in the a attestation can easily be explained by adaptation to the preceding aorist. In fact, the tense change is noticeable.[1] It may be motivated by a wish (of the author or of an editor) to bring in a durative aspect, fitting the following present participle. The incoherencies in the a attestation, however, show a clear tendency to parallelize rather than to change the tense. In conclusion, the superior quality of the A-related core in the a attestation is outweighed by TP in favor of b.


[1]      See 21:20 for a similar shift.

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