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09 - Acts 10:9

Acts 10:9 (segment 10)

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Acts 10:9 (segment 10)
31/01/18 12:09

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GC: The a attestation includes all A-related witnesses except 03 and 04, but apart from this strand there are considerable incoherencies. The b attestation is split into a major coherent strand with 35 at its top and another strand with 03 and 04.

TP: A conscious transition to the demonstrative pronoun, either by an editor or by the author himself, could have been motivated by the change of perspective in v. 9, where the focus shifts from Cornelius and his delegates to Peter. An accidental change a<b may be due to assimilation to the preceding forms of ατός (v. 8), but the author himself may very well have stuck with the same pronoun. Accordingly, there are signs of multiple emergence on either side.

The decision for a is based on the far broader A-related attestation.

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