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“Frei” Numbers: 10 Newly Added Lectionaries

If you’ve ever looked through the Liste, you might have noticed that some numbers have the remark that they are “frei”, or free. There are various reasons for this designation depending on the manuscript, but the “frei” indication for lectionaries L1581-L1589 and L1596 was due to a simple oversight in the published installments of the (precursor) to the Kurzgefasste Liste.


After Gregory inaugurated the modern list of Greek New Testament manuscripts, von Dobschütz took over responsibility and made several publications with updates and additions of new manuscripts. In his 1924 publication, von Dobschütz recorded lectionaries up to L1580. In his subsequent publication of 1926, von Dobschütz picked up with L1590, accidentally skipping nine numbers (a sort of homoeoteleuton). But this was not the only accidental jump. In his 1926 publication he ended with L1595, and in 1933 he began with L1597, skipping one number. Therefore, these numbers, L1581-L1589 and L1596 were never assigned to manuscripts. In the 1963 Liste, Aland says the numbers L1581-L1589 “were (mistakenly?) not used by E. v. Dobschütz,” but nevertheless the numbers remained free in the 1994 Liste, pictured below.

As we have been preparing the Liste for publication, we discussed what to do with these numbers. Since we could see no reason not to use them, we have now assigned ten “new” manuscripts to them. They are as follows, with links to the NT.VMR:

L1581 (XVI, Duke University) (images on the NT.VMR)

L1582 (XII, British Library)

L1583 (XVI, last known Sothebys)

L1584 (XV, University of Kansas) (images on the NT.VMR)

L1585 (XIII, Yale University)

L1586 (XII, Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale) (images on the NT.VMR)

L1587 (XII/XIII, New York Public Library)

L1588 (XVI, Cyprus, Paphos)

L1589 (XI, University of Pennsylvania)

L1596 (X-XI, Bucharest National Library) (images on the NT.VMR)

New entries to the "Liste"

Since June 2018, when the most recent supplement to the Liste was circulated, we have added 11 new manuscripts to the Liste. They are as follows:

Gospels with commentary
10th century
263 leaves
1 column, 35 lines
Size: 24 x 20
Location: Alexandria, Greek Patriarchate, 122

John 2:14-24
10th/11th century
1 folio
1 column, 19 lines
Size: 20.9 x 15.9
Location: Waltham, MA, Tufts University, Welch Collection, AC.40.17

Gospels (incomplete)
11th century
Parchment and paper
199 leaves
1 column, 23-24 lines
Size: 17.5 x 14.5
Location: Weimar, Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek, Q 743

Mt 28:1-20
11th/12th century
2 folios
1 column, 18 lines
Size: 22.9/23.3 x 15.1/9
Location: Athens, National Library, 4189, fol. 184-185

Greek-Arabic Gospel lectionary
277 leaves
Column and lines are unknown
Size: 27 x 18
Location: Alexandria, Greek Patriarchate, 290

John 6:42-44, 48-54; 15:17-16:2, from a majuscule lectionary
10th century
2 leaves, used as flyleaves for l797
2 columns, 17 lines
Size: 27.9 x 20.7
Location: Alexandria, Greek Patriarchate, 56 (flyleaves of l797)

Gospel lectionary
13th century
271 leaves
2 columns, 25-27 lines
Size: 30 x 21.8
Location: Alexandria, Greek Patriarchate, 108

Majuscule Gospel lectionary (esk) (incomplete)
10th century
48 leaves
2 columns, 25-26 lines
Size: 25.5/8 x 19/19.3
Location: Weimar, Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek, Fol. 531

Gospel lectionary
11th/12th century
1 leaf
2 columns, 17(?) lines
Size: 18 x 24.5
Location: Weimar, Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek, Q 738

Gospel lectionary (e)
11th/12th century
220 leaves
2 columns, 21 lines
Size: 27.5 x 21/22
Location: Weimar, Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek, Fol. 532

Gospels and Apostolos lectionary (select readings)
16th/17th century
60 leaves
1 column, 24-25 lines
Size: 20.2/3 x 14.5/6
Location: Athens, National Library, 4174, fol. 104-163

Thanks to Hugh Houghton for pointing out GA numbers 2937, L2477, L2478, and L2479. These new manuscripts were discovered through the European Research Council-funded CATENA project. New shelf numbers for 904, 1302, 2206, and L1310 have also been updated, thanks to Hugh. These will be further described in his forthcoming article with Mina Monier “Greek Manuscripts in Alexandria.”

Thanks to Dan Wallace and CSNTM for pointing out GA numbers 2940 and L2483. They also identified portions of other manuscripts that are supplements. Accordingly, notes in the Liste have been added for 763, 897, and 2528.

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