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Liste problems
04/12/14 11:38

1) The browse option for majuscules does not seem to work.

2) Would it be possible to retain the retired numbers and point the user to the correct number? When looking for 0112 (as used in Legg) I drew a blank and looking under 083 (of which 0112 is a part) no reference is made that this now includes the formerly numbered 0112.

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RE: Liste problems
29/11/19 13:29 as a reply to Dirk Jongkind.

Better late than never...

All the retired numbers (except some of those with a letter afterwards, e.g. 7p) have now been entered into the NT.VMR, and all current numbers have a reference to their former numbers. Instead of using brackets around the retired numbers, they are listed with "DEL" afterwards and a reference to the current number, e.g. 0112DEL s. 083.

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