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Minuscule 1689 - Featured on Wikipedia's main page


Just thought people might like to know Minuscule 1689's Wikipedia page featured as a Did You Know? on the main English Wikipedia page today :)

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Minuscule 1582 - Featured on Wikipedia's DYK
24/10/23 18:24 as a reply to S Walch.

Yesterday (23nd Oct. 2023) the page for Minuscule 1582 was featured on Wikipedia's main page under the Did you know? section box. Over 13,000 views of the page occurred yesterday due to it appearing there :)

A special thanks to Amy S. Anderson for her study The Textual Tradition of the Gospels: Family 1 in Matthew, without which the wiki page for min. 1582 would have been unable to reach Good Article status. :)

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RE: Minuscule 1582 - Featured on Wikipedia's DYK
25/10/23 11:26 as a reply to S Walch.
Nice! Thanks for sharing!
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RE: Family 1 - Featured on Wikipedia's DYK
14/03/24 18:17 as a reply to Greg Paulson.

In my quest to have as many NT manuscript or TC related pages become Good Articles on Wikipedia, and feature on the daily Did You Know? section of the main English Wikipedia homepage, I'm happy that Family 1 has appeared on there today :)

Will have stats for how many page views it received tomorrow!

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