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Indexing of PA in 1582

Indexing of PA in 1582
05/04/22 18:20

For the folks in Muenster, I just noticed that in Codex 1582 the PA is not indexed at the end of John where the PA is recorded.  I thought I would do the indexing myself, but when I opened it there are notes to be seen about the inscriptio and the verses on each folio.  Those notes are not visible next to the thumbnails, so I wonder if they need to be fixed somehow.  The indexer is noted as IGNTP.  And the very last folio, written by the corrector, is not indexed at all.  I would be glad to do the indexing if these three folios could be made accessible.  Otherwise, it would be good if someone could correct them so that the indexing is visible on the thumbnails.

(There is also apparently no published version of these three folios.  At least, nothing comes up or is accessible when I click on Transcribe This Page.  Therefore, I would also gladly transcribe them after they are fixed.)

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