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NA28 apparatus Mark 6:3 and Family 13

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Just wondering which MSS are being considered as the main representatives of f13 when it comes to the variant listed in the apparatus:

του τεκτονος υιος και

Checking Swanson (p. 80), he cites f13 as reading του τεκτονος ο υιος και. Consulting the f13 manuscripts, we have quite a split:

Agree with majority reading ( τέκτων, υἱὸς): 124, 174, 230, 788, 1346

Read as variant cited in NA: 69, 543c, 983, 1689

Read as Swanson: 13, 346(*n) 543*, 826, 828

(*n Min 346 omits και)

Should the apparatus therefore have the variant as per min. 13-828, or perhaps the apparatus should use f13pt as both representative of the variant cited, but also be included in the brackets, and then included in the Variae Lectiones Minores?

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RE: NA28 apparatus Mark 6:3 and Family 13
31/05/21 04:17 as a reply to S Walch.

Interestingly, in NA25th edition, the apparatus (p. 98) has family 13 as having the του τεκτονος ο υιος; from the 26th edition (p. 105) it is as NA27/28.

May be some interesting info for those who like to look at the history of the apparatus changes in the Nestle-Aland.

From what I can find, NA22 (also p. 98) = NA25.

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RE: NA28 apparatus Mark 6:3 and Family 13
01/06/21 10:11 as a reply to S Walch.

This is interesting and not straightforward at first sight. According to Kirsopp and Silva Lake’s edition (1941), 13, 346, 543*, 826, and 828, read του τεκτονος ο υιος, and is accurately cited as “13 pc” in the apparatus of the NA25. The archetype reading, του τεκτονος υιος και, however, was not cited in the NA25 even though this reading exists in the apparatus. Although omitting the citation of the archetype of family 13 is imprecise here, citing “13 pc” is actually accurate: in the NA25 when the archetype of Family 13 is recorded it is cited as “φ” (not “13 pc”).

As for the NA28, there is only a negative apparatus, which correctly records the reading of the archetype of Family 13.

You may be interested in reading the commentary on this variant on page 48 in the Lake edition.

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RE: NA28 apparatus Mark 6:3 and Family 13
01/06/21 19:45 as a reply to Greg Paulson.

Thanks for that, Greg!

I unfortunately don't own a copy of S&D 11, so will have to see if i can find the book to borrow somewhere.

If someone out there who has the rights to Studies & Documents would like to look at reprinting some (or all!) of the older releases, it would be very much appreciated. :)

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