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Index Data all shifted relative to Images

     Manuscript 32398 has major problems that need to be corrected. The indexing that has been completed does indeed, correspond to an image, but somehow, most of the Indexing has been shifted down two positions so the Index Data corresponds to an image which is two spaces higher.

    The index Data for Image number 50 to Image number 3360 (inclusive) are all shifted two spaces too low.

    Additionally, as the Indexing currently stands: the index data for Image number 3370 and 3380 are incorrect.

    Also, Image number 30, and 40 are wrongly flagged as "No Index Content", but those two, do, indeed, have Index Content.

    Lastly, the Index Data from Image 3390 and to the end are correct and do not need to be changed.

    After spending some time, trying to sort out this problem, I would like to suggest a possible fix - assuming the Administrators are able to implement these steps - especially a block- cut-and-paste.


Proposed fix:


1. Erase the 'No Index Content' features on Image number 30 and 40, which will create the two necessary empty spaces for the block-cut-and-paste operation in step three.

2. Erase the Index Data for Images 3370 and 3380

3. Move the Block of Index data of the series: corresponding to Image 50 to Image 3360 (inclusive, and including both 50 and 3360) in a block-cut-and-paste operation, moving them all up two images. [The net result would be that the Image Data that is currently beside Image 50, would, after the Paste, be beside Image 30, and the Image Data that is currently beside Image 3360, would be Pasted beside Image 3340


    If the Administrators cannot 'Block-Cut and Paste' a Block of Index Data in one operation, then a second proposed solution would be to just erase all the Index Data and Enter the Information, Image by Image again. If you want to do this second solution, please let me know first (before erasing all the Index Data) because as I was trying to figure out the problems with this manuscript, I made a spreadsheet with some of the current data and I volunteer to type out the rest of the current Index Data and save it in my spreadsheet and then type into your database after you erase all the Index Data for this Manuscript. Saving the current data before it is erased, would save a lot of time. The Indexing that has been completed is correct, but they point to the wrong image.




Robert Crawford

ID: rob12


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