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Gospel of John minuscule at University of Athens


Found this manuscript on the University of Athens page:

It appears to be a portion of a continuous text manuscript of John's gospel covering John 18:1 - 21:9. There are 22 lines per page and there are a total of 8 pages. 

I checked the Liste and was not able to identify this manuscript. It does not appear to be the same as the minuscules known to be at the University of Athens (2120, 2121, 2122, 2123, 2124, and 2657), and while I found in the Liste a few other Gospel of John manuscripts 8 pages long, none were a match. 

Could someone check further to see whether this is a known manuscript or a new find?



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RE: Gospel of John minuscule at University of Athens
07/05/19 17:46 as a reply to Darrell Post.


Thank you for this. This is a part of GA 2121 (formerly 2443). Somehow the shelf number has become unlinked to 2121 in the VMR, but we'll link it again. I'm glad you noticed it.

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