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27 - Acts 4:27

Acts 4:27 (segment 6 - 26)

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Acts 4:27 (segment 6 - 26)
27/07/18 15:06

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Variant d: the shorter reading in the majority text. Metzger sees the absence of the phrase εν τη πολει ταυτη caused by its absence in Psalm 2:1 cited in the preceding verses. However, the rest of verse 27, excluding συνηχθησαν, is missing from Ps 2:1 as well. Accidental omission effected by a leap from ΕΝΤ- (from εν τη) to ΕΠΙ is the more likely reason. Accordingly, the textflow diagram indicates multiple emergence (similarly in a).

Variant h is caused by a similar leap, ΕΠ ... ΕΠΙ
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