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36 - Acts 10:36

Acts 10:36 (segment 6)

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Acts 10:36 (segment 6)
27/07/18 15:02

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TP: The harder reading a in the majority text. Metzger (333) appropriately states that the presence of ον might be explained as dittography of the preceding -ον, the absence as haplography. However, it is easy to construe the sentence without a relative pronoun (He sent the word unto the children of Israel...), while one would have an “un-Greek suspended construction” (Metzger 333f.) including the relative: The word which he sent unto the children of Israel, preaching good tidings of peace by Jesus Christ (he is Lord of all.) – that saying ye yourselves know (ASV). Hence it is far more likely that here the noble few witnesses supporting d transmit an error than the majority of all others.

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