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08 - Acts 11:8

Acts 11:8 (segment 12 - 18)

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Acts 11:8 (segment 12 - 18)
27/07/18 14:51

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GC: Coherent late Byzantine attestation to f, a clearly secondary variant according to TP.

TP: In ch. 11 Peter reports about his vision of a cloth containing all kinds of edible animals coming down from heaven. In v. 8 he mentions his refusal of eating anything unclean or impure referring to the narration of the event in ch. 10. There (10:14/20-26) he said, ουδεποτε εφαγον παν κοινον και ακαθαρτον, without appreciable variation. Here variant a with a wording differing from that in ch. 10 has support from nearly all manuscripts featuring A as there closest potential ancestor. Variants f-j reinforce the statement by bringing it into parallel with 10:14 which is clear TP of being secondary. Variant f is the majority reading with a very coherent attestation with 5 at its top (with connectivity 6).

This shows that coherence as such is not a sign of priority. The a-attestation, on the other hand, is not perfectly coherent. The first potential ancestor of several witnesses of a supports f. The excellent A-related part of the a-attestation, however, together with TP provides the decisive argument for a, although the incoherencies require an auxiliary explanation: παν was probably occasionally omitted when the majority reading should have been copied.
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