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Liste info re 42030 (contents)

Liste info re 42030 (contents)
12/04/18 10:37

Jean-Loius Simonet reported to me that he has identified the texts contained in fragments of the Greek uncial lectionary of the Gospels (l 2030) in the fly-leaves of minuscule 1072 (Athos, Lavra G'80), as follows. The contents are not listed in the Liste.

Fly-leaf 1 has Mk 6:14-18

Fly-leaf 2 has Mk 6:18-23

Fly-leaf 3 has Lk 1:39-44

Fly-leaf 4 has Lk 1:44-49, 56

Fly-leaf 5 has Mt 11:25-28

Fly-leaf 6 has Mt 11:28-30, Mt 10:32-33, 37-38

Fly-leaf 7 has Mt 10:38-39

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RE: Liste info re 42030 (contents)
12/04/18 11:33 as a reply to Peter Macaulay Head.
Thank you for passing this along! I have also received this, as well as many other notifications of uncatalogued manuscripts, from J.-L. Simonet. We will give an update as soon a we've looked into them all.
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