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07 - Acts 3:7

Acts 3:7 (segment 24 - 28)

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Acts 3:7 (segment 24 - 28)
27/07/18 15:11

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Split a/b

GC: The TFD for a shows a coherent main section with 03 or A at its top, but also has signs of multiple emergence, while there is a coherent majority attestation for b, if IR=b.

TP: Variant a has the more common word order, although a preceding possessive genitive that is not emphasized is not unusual in the NT.[1] Thus, b cannot be considered the harder reading. The MT, b, has the less common word order, but a has a stronger A-related attestation for the more common word order.


[1]      Cf. BDR/BDF 284.

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