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04 - Acts 15:4

Acts 15:4 (segment 12 - 28)

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Acts 15:4 (segment 12 - 28)
31/01/18 12:17

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GK: There is a coherent majority attestation with a broad A-related basis for a, whereas b has a small and partly incoherent attestation. In addition, the witnesses of all other variants except b support ὑπό.

TP: In Koiné Greek, ἀπό occurs often. In Modern Greek it is always used instead of πό with the agent with the passive.[1] The incoherencies in the b attestation are probably due to the general linguistic development. The prefix of the majority reading ἀπεδέχθησαν (word 10) may have favored the tendency.

Metzger (378), affirmed by Barrett (703), regards πό as “more Semitic” (378), and therefore sees “the more classical ὑπό” as secondary, but in a post-classical Greek text, ἀπό clearly does not have a Semitic ring.


[1]      Cf. BDR/BDF 210.

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