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Manuscript Annotations and Features
Subcategories: 10001 (P1), 10002 (P2), 10004 (P4), 10006 (P6), 10008 (P8), More »
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External Images
Notification of external images
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Manuscript Page Content Indexing
Subcategories: 10001 (P1), 10005 (P5), 10006 (P6), 10010 (P10), 10029 (P29), More »
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NT Conjectures
Discussion of New Testament Conjecture Database
Subcategories: Conjecture ID cj10029, Conjecture ID cj10048, Conjecture ID cj10083, Conjecture ID cj10084, Conjecture ID cj10092, More »
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Report Broken Image Links
Notification for the technical officer who fixes broken image links
Subcategories: Jairo Cavalcante
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Textual Commentary
This is the Textual Commentary for the ECM. Here you will find initial thread with the commentary directly from the print editions, with an opportunity for discussion for the wider textual scholar community
Subcategories: 05 - Acts
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The Liste
For suggestions and updates regarding the list of Greek New Testament manuscripts (the Kurzgefasste Liste)
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Manuscript Transcriptions
Subcategories: 10010 (P10), 10046 (P46), 10047 (P47), 20001, 20003 (03 ), More »
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​General Feedback
Suggestions and Comments Welcome!
Subcategories: General discussion
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