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We welcome your feedback of any noticed deficiencies found in the printed NA28.  Please restrict these comments to typos, errors in the front and back matter, and in rendering the evidence in the apparatus.  Thank you for your feedback.

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Internal page reference off by 1

Internal page reference off by 1
15.06.16 15:48
In my printing there is a reference in the main text of 55* to 'p. 86*' (middle of the page). This should be p. 85*.
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RE: Internal page reference off by 1
16.06.16 11:05 als Antwort auf Dirk Jongkind.
Thank you for your note.  This was corrected in the second printing.  The list of corrections for each printing ( normally record changes that occur only in the text or apparatus, but the lists will be updated at some point soon so that they include the changes made in the introduction, margins, etc.
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