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Mark 1:4 in D Θ 28

Mark 1:4 in D Θ 28
29.09.15 15:44
It seems that the parentheses around D Θ 28 in Mark 1:4 are mistaken. The appendix gives their text as "3-6 2" (what would be εν τη ερημω και βαπτιζων), but based on the images, all three mss have the same reading as the other witnesses at that variant (3-5 2 6; εν τη ερημω βαπτιζων και).


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RE: Mark 1:4 in D Θ 28
30.09.15 14:26 als Antwort auf Elijah Hixson.
Thank you, Elijah. You are correct--we will fix this in both the apparatus and appendix.
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