Three Greek New Testament Manuscripts for Sale

Next month three Gospel manuscripts from the Schøyen collection will be up for auction.

GA 1421, the so called “Charles of Anjou” Gospels, 10th century on vellum (Schøyen Collection, MS 675) 


Image of GA 1421


GA 2836, 12th century manuscript on vellum with 33 leaves of the Gospel of Matthew (Schøyen Collection, MS 694)


Image of GA 2836


GA 2483, 13th century on vellum, originally from Great Lavra Monastery in Athos (Schøyen Collection, MS 2932)


Image of GA 2483

We hope these three manuscripts find a loving home and that the new owners let us know where they have ended up!

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Is there a list or sign-up somewhere to be notified when the auction will start?
Verfasst am 05.05.24 02:04.
The bidding starts in 37 days. I believe you can follow the auctions on Christies to get notifications.
Verfasst am 05.05.24 13:45.
Thanks, Katie. For anyone interested, here is the direct link: https://www.christies.com/en/auction/manuscript-masterpieces-from-the-sch-yen-collection-30459/
Verfasst am 06.05.24 20:30.
Thanks Michael. The three auctions are all linked directly above if you click on the manuscript descriptions in orange. Best wishes,
Verfasst am 06.05.24 21:21 als Antwort auf Michael Carl Beard.

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