How Does ECM Mark Change the Way Textual Criticism is Taught?

While the theme of the SBL annual meeting this year in Denver was “reconnect,” the meeting also created unique opportunities to make new connections. One of these opportunities was at a joint session of the ECM and Gospel of Mark program units. This was a chance for exegetes and text critics to come together and share with each other about the intricates of their fields and how textual criticism influences exegesis and vice versa.


In this spirit, Alicia Myers, New Testament professor and exegete at Campbell University, and I presented on how to use ECM Mark and how this changes the way we teach textual criticism. It was a difficult topic, especially fitting it all in the time limit, but we hope we did it justice. We’ve recorded our presentation and made it available on the INTF’s YouTube channel. Here’s a link:




For anyone who has never used an edition of the ECM, this is probably the best place to start since it goes over the basics and gives an impression of how to actually incorporate use of the edition in the classroom.

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I'm grateful that this presentation is publicly available: thanks to you and your co-presenter, everyone involved in recording, editing, and publishing this video, and to the INTF for hosting this recording on its channel.

It is churlish of me to ask for anything of those who have given so freely, but please consider allowing future uploads to your YT channel to be saved to Watch Later playlists for those like myself who may find this topic valuable, but haven't the time to give it their full attention immediately.
Verfasst am 18.08.23 02:06.
Thanks for your comment! I hope you find the video helpful when you have a chance to view it.

The option to add to Watch Later on Youtube is not disabled. There's probably more than one way to find it, but if you go to the INTF's homepage on Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/@intf6411), hover your cursor over the video and you will see a clock icon appear, which is for Watch Later.
Verfasst am 21.08.23 15:41 als Antwort auf Holly.

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