Manuscript Lists, a.k.a. Witness Lists during collation, are useful ways to group your manuscripts of interest for easy quick access.

Lists can be created from the "Favorites" tab on the "Liste Catalog" gadget.

You'll find the Liste Catalog on most pages of the NTVMR, including the Manuscript Workspace page and the Liste page.

From the Favorites tab, notice near the top, the "Active List" control.  In the above screenshot we see that our active manuscript list is simply the generic "My Favorites".

If you open the control, you will see an option to create a new list, "+ Add New List".

Select "+ Add New List"

Give your list a name and save.

Then select your list in the "Active List" control.

Once selected, you can click the "Manuscripts" tab in the "Liste Catalog" gadget, lookup your manuscripts and click the star  next to your manuscript to add it to your new list.

Once a list is created, you can use it:

  • to quickly access your favorite manuscripts in the Liste Catalog gadget,
  • during a collation on the "NT Transcripts" page,
  • as a project domain when managing a group for indexing and transcription tasks.
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