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Maybe I am heading for another record low number of views with this post, but I would be interested to know how the mirrored writing came about. Wikipedia has an article on GA 101, but does not mention the phenomenon, nor does any other source...

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GA 104 459 498 1771 - and only these I think - split the word ὄντας into ὄν Τας in Col 2:13. But 2 have ὄν-τας ἐν τοῖς and two have just ὄν-τας τοῖς, so they don't all have the same reading.
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The Manuscript Workspace for GA 909 has broken image links, apparently for all images of that manuscript. The images are available at CSNTM,,  which is where they come from, but at CSNTM the...

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Manuscript 483 has three consecutive right hand pages at 4640 4650 and 4660. If you look carefully, you can even see this from the thumbnails - in both senses of the word! Suppose we supply 4645 and 4655. Then the situation is this...

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I understand GA 441 and GA 442 to be two separate manuscripts bound together. But the images are of the the same manuscript, for the example I give, at least (30441 3000 and 30442 2980). Surely this is in error? Otherwise I'd be glad of an...
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With reference to Colossians 2:13, ὄντας [ἐν] τοῖς παραπτώμασιν, I have attached a screenshot of the Manuscript Workspace image of 30131 4690c, unprocessed and manually processed to maximize readability of column 1, line 31 (the line 6 lines from...
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Jean-Loius Simonet reported to me that he has identified the texts contained in fragments of the Greek uncial lectionary of the Gospels (l 2030) in the fly-leaves of minuscule 1072 (Athos, Lavra G'80), as follows. The contents are not...

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The Liste currently shows GA2324 as owner unknown--private collection. However, I was looking through the manuscripts at Yale University Library's online collection and found the "Hoffman Gospels" which I believe is the same as GA2324. If I am...

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When I look up the folio in 424 where James begins, the linked transcription is totally wrong. Is it possible to fix this so I can see the transcriptions to the Catholic Epistles?
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It seems the images to Codex 807 are indexed to the wrong pages (I was looking for 230r, but that was indexed as 229v).