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NTVMR Summer of Code


Note: If you are experiencing permission problems, your browser may be saving a login session from the old portal.  Simply sign out of the NTVMR and sign back in.

You should notice many new things on the NTVMR starting this week.  We've upgraded to a newer version of our portal framework, and many new features are available for you to use.  We've also been updating our gadgets.  The Features gadget has been renamed to the "Object Features" gadget so as to disambiguate actual manuscript and page "features" from software features.  You will also now see much more detail displayed in the control.

Under your name in the upper right you will find "My Dashboard" which is your place to create your personal workspace if you don't like the public work pages we've setup.  Also, "My Profile" is were you can build public pages others can see, with a friendly URL you can give out to others.  You can blog here, post a calendar, maintain a task list, write articles, whatever you'd like.

Lots has changed and more should be coming over this summer.  If you are running a project for a team and have setup your own custom pages with gadgets, you may find some of them missing today.  This is due to the name change.  Don't be alarmed; just grab them from the left and drop them back on your page.  This may happen with more gadgets throughout this summer.

My apologies for the inconvenience.  I hope you enjoy the new features and if you find something new and cool about the portal, let me know! :)  I'm going to sleep now.

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Posted on 6/2/15 11:04 PM.
Hi Troy, Thanks for the great changes you are making. Today I'm trying to transcribe. I can get to the thumbnails and even open them, but when I click on "transcribe this page" it opens to the transcription space but never gets the thumbnails loaded. Maybe you are in the midst of working on it and it's not available right now?
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Posted on 6/2/15 11:07 PM.
Wait, I take that back. I think it didn't work because I needed to log out and then back in to the newer version. It's fine now. Thanks again!
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Posted on 6/3/15 7:41 AM.
Thanks for the encouragement and report, Amy. Yes, if your browser is remembering your login session from the old portal, it is not compatible with the new version. As you have found, you will need to simply log out of the portal and then back in again to establish a new portal login session and your problems should go away. I should make a note to this effect in my upgrade notice on the front page. Great job figuring out the solution for yourself!
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