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Image Viewer Update

We've been in the process of improving our image viewer experience and we could use your feedback.

  • We've adding smoothing effects to image zooming.  This removes the previous jumpy behavior at the price of being slightly less responsive.  Please let us know if you have any noticeable degredation on your computer/browser combination.
  • We've taken steps to improve the image load times, allowing browser caching and direct URL loading when institutes have not required us to dissuade image downloading.  Please let us know if your load times have indeed improved or otherwise.
  • We have a more concise toolbar at the top, taking less space, a uniform appearance, and mostly just doesn't look like it was pieced together over the years as we added features; no new functionality, just a prettier presentation.
  • Yes, we've finally stopped loading our default image of P52.  It was adding to the initial page loading time and really served no purpose but to look cool :)

Please let us know your experience.  As always, we'd love to hear from you.  A link to the old image viewer is here for comparison, if you would like to check the difference:

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The most striking disadvantage of the new image viewer in my experience: When I want to zoom a certain part of the image (by using the mouse wheel), the enlargement starts no longer from the point where the mouse pointer was (as it was before the update), but the whole image shifts downright. So it is necessary to seek the observed passage anew, and to draw it into the middle of the display anew. This is very time-robbing in our collations (ECM Apoc). We hope, this can be repaired?
Posted on 6/12/15 11:45 AM.
Great point Markus. I've tried to recreate the behavior in the previous version of the viewer. Please let me know if you still have concerns.
Posted on 6/12/15 4:01 PM in reply to Markus Lembke.
Thank you, but it is still not like before, the image shifts downright, instead of zooming from the place of the mouse pointer.
Posted on 6/12/15 9:38 PM in reply to Troy A. Griffitts.
Hi Markus. Can you check the old version of the image viewer here:
I tried to mimic the behavior exactly. It seems to work the same for me. It was anchoring the upper left corner of the image on zoom and this is what I tried to do in the new viewer. If you are seeing something different, could you give me the docid, page, and image (if there are more than one) and also your operation system and browser? I'll try my best to get things the way you'd like.

Posted on 6/12/15 10:23 PM in reply to Markus Lembke.
It's looking good – very neat use of space – but the transcription's disappeared (both Chrome and Firefox on Linux)!
Posted on 6/14/15 2:06 PM.
Hi James! No, it wasn't just those browsers on Linux. My primary desktop is Linux as well. I inadvertently used the NTVMR in edit mode from my Android phone yesterday and accidentally dragged the transcription gadget someplace it couldn't be seen. It is fixed now, I hope. My apologies, thanks for the encouragement, and thanks for reporting the problem!
Posted on 6/14/15 4:01 PM in reply to James Adam Dowden.
It is better now, but not as before. The link for the old viewer seems not exactly to show the old viewer. Darius and me agree in our memory, that it was zooming not from the upper left corner, but from the mouse pointer. However, this would be the best behavior of the viewer to get quickly an enlargened image of the text passage to be examined. If you can (re)construct this, we would be most grateful.
A second point is, the changing of brightness and contrast does not work up to now, even in the link of the old viewer, although in the real old viewer it worked of course. (We use win 7 and 8 with firefox).
Posted on 6/16/15 8:43 AM in reply to Troy A. Griffitts.
(The second point has been settled. After I cleared the cache of my browser, brightness and contrast can be modified.)
Posted on 6/16/15 12:35 PM in reply to Markus Lembke.
Perhaps it was not the mouse pointer, but the middle of the page, from where the zooming started. Something like that. This would also be good for working. But not the upper left (or another) corner.
Posted on 6/17/15 10:35 AM in reply to Markus Lembke.
Hey Troy, nice work overall. The one problem I've experienced with the new viewer comes from dragging rather than zooming. Whenever I left click to drag the image up or down, the image skips about 1/2 inch or so down the page. The skip doesn't occur on the click, but as soon as I move my mouse in any direction, the image jumps.
Posted on 7/9/15 4:51 PM.
Thanks Jesse. I have noticed this as well and have it on my todo list to fix. Thank you so much for reporting the issue. Hope to polish up all this stuff over the next couple weeks. Hope you are doing well.
Posted on 7/10/15 2:45 PM in reply to Jesse B Coyne.