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Broken CSNTM links

We have received several queries recently referring to images hosted by CSNTM. CSNTM changed their policy regarding deep linking to individual images on their server. On 2 March 2016 Prof. Wallace let us know by email that

CSNTM cannot continue to break our contract with libraries by allowing INTF to link directly to images. This linking should have never happened”.

For some of the manuscripts in question we have now set links to the relevant document on the CSNTM website. As some users of the NTVMR overlooked this link see the sample referring to GA 536 below. The link is above the empty frame.

In the long run we will provide microfilm images for easier navigation as in the following example. (Note the link to fresh digital images of GA 011 by the British Library.)


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Shame, it takes me about 10 - 15 seconds to get to the right image on the NTVMR website here, whilst at least a couple of minutes to reach the same on the website of the CSNTM. Often I resort to finding the right image first on this site so that I recognise the image on the cumbersome grid over at the CSNTM (if I still need it by then). Clearly you cannot do anything about it, but I think we agree this is a step backwards.
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Posted on 3/10/16 12:04 PM.
I agree with Dirk. I think this has been one of the most amazing and useful features of the VMR to begin with. Had the CSNTM made any concerted effort to negotiate with the libraries on this matter before making this announcement?
Posted on 4/13/16 10:41 AM in reply to Dirk Jongkind.