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John 8:7 Family 1

John 8:7 Family 1
21/03/13 11:29
The reading newly given for Family 1 in the apparatus at John 8:7  (επ αυτη βαλλετω λιθον) doesn't correspond to any of the manuscripts transcribed by Alison Welsby in her recent doctorate on Family 1 in John.
Firstly αυτη rather than αυτην is only supported by 872*.
Secondly, there is the word order:
GA1 reads βαλλετω λιθον επ αυτην
GA 1582 (sup) reads τον λιθον επ αυτην βαλετω
For the others, see further:
Welsby's reconstruction of the archetype is βαλλετω λιθον επ αυτην.  See page 301 of her thesis, now available at:
I'm afraid I haven't been able to check what Lake has here.
Best wishes,
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