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Luke 2:2 Alef*

Luke 2:2 Alef*
26/11/15 17:01
The original hand of Sinaiticus is given as evidence for the text reading αυτη απογραφη over against the variant αυτη η απογραφη. However, Sinaiticus reads αυτην απογραφην which may be explained in lots of different ways, among which is that the accusative phrase started off as a misreading of αυτη η as αυτην. Different punctuation is another factor in the Sinaiticus reading since it starts a new paragraph with εγενετο. At the very least Alef* should be between round brackets (or listed separately altogether).
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RE: Luke 2:2 Alef*
07/12/15 16:12 as a reply to Dirk Jongkind.
Dear Dirk,
Thank you for your note.  You are right about the reading of 01*.  Because the reading αυτην would be an error, it is not something the NA normally notes. Therefore, the editors believe that is it better left to a major edition to indicate.  Cf. the IGNTP of Luke p.34 which notes the original reading of Sinaiticus.  The VMR has the correct transcription as well.
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