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P35 in Mt 25:20, 22

P35 in Mt 25:20, 22
29/09/15 15:55
In connection to the text reading εκερδησα in both Mt 25:20 and 22 two variants exist at both places: 1) επεκερδησα; 2) εκερδησα επ αυτοις.
P35 is cited in support of the text in 25:22, but not in 25:20. In both verses, according to the image, the initial letter(s) of εκερδησα are missing but the following text definitely shows that variant (2) was not read by P35. However, it is impossible to observe whether P35 read the text or variant (1) in either verse. If on the basis of space calculation one wants to argue that in 25:22 P35 reads the text (which I think highly likely), then still one can only print 'P35vid' and not a plain 'P35' as it stands now.
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RE: P35 in Mt 25:20, 22
30/09/15 14:25 as a reply to Dirk Jongkind.
Thank you for your message. You are correct that P35 should be P35vid in Mt 25:22 supporting the text.  We will correct that. I think that in 25:20, P35 should still not be cited in the unit as it could be either two of the three variants (either εκερδησα or επεκερδησα)--and unfortunately the beginning of this word is not extant on the existing folios.
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