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We welcome your feedback of any noticed deficiencies found in the printed NA28.  Please restrict these comments to typos, errors in the front and back matter, and in rendering the evidence in the apparatus.  Thank you for your feedback.

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Rev 19:18 Error in apparatus

Rev 19:18 Error in apparatus
20/12/13 17:54
For the variant και μικρων the evidence for at least one and possibly more mss from the Byzantine group is incorrect. 2030 reads και μικρων τε, not μικρων τε and I suspect that others do as well (I checked 35 which does, but 2053 reads μικρων τε). There are 3 variants of και μικρων here:
1) μικρων
2) μικρων τε
3) και μικρων τε
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