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07 - Acts 15:7

Acts 15:7 (segment 6)

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Acts 15:7 (segment 6)
27/07/18 15:03

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Split a/b

The decision was left open because GC and TP contradict each other.

GC: A strong coherent strand with a broad A-related basis for a is accompanied by considerable incoherencies. The attestation of the majority reading, b, appears more coherent with IR=b. Its A-related part includes 04 and 05, but is much weaker than a.

TP: In the NT, συζήτησις occurs only here and in Acts 28:29, a verse not taken over from the textus receptus into modern editions. The compound has the same meaning as the simplex in both places. In general, the compound is not often used. The resulting TP for b>a is enforced by the very similar sound of the first two syllables of the word. The incoherencies in the a attestation are probably due not only to the wider dissemination of the simplex but also to a form of haplography.
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