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GA 06 supplementary pages in colour

GA 06 supplementary pages in colour
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6/5/17 1:46 PM

There are 34 pages missing from GA 06 which were stolen and later returned. These have not been digitised with the rest of GA 06 (Paris BNF grec 107), colour images which have now been incorporated into the NT.VMR, but separately (grec 107A).

These supplementary colour images have now been digitised on Gallica and are available at:


It would be nice to insert them for the pages of GA 06 which currently are only available as microfilm scans.



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RE: GA 06 supplementary pages in colour
6/7/17 3:03 PM as a reply to Hugh Houghton.

Thanks for poiting Hugh!

I inserted the missing colour images of GA06.


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