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Issues With Too Many Bibliographic References, Not Shown


For manuscripts that have more than 150 bibliographic references, the web page of those manuscripts does not display the bibliographic references. Examples are uncials 01 - 05 and papyri P45. These end up being some of the most important manuscripts listed, yet access to those references is blocked.

Is this an issue with some sort of web service being unable to display more than 150 references? Or a restriction to not attempt to display more than that number because of overuse of web server resources? Is the issue known?

Have other options been considered, such as putting those references in PDF form instead for easy display? Is there something that we as participants might be able to do to fix this issue?

Thank you.


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RE: Issues With Too Many Bibliographic References, Not Shown
6/8/17 2:03 PM as a reply to Tom Pella.

Dear Tom Pella,


The issue is known. We are working to fix the bug. 



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