Retrieve transcription of a manuscript


docIDmanuscript id for which to retrieve a transcript. Can include multiple docIDs separated by a pipe, e.g., 10006 or 20001|20003 for both
pageIDmanscript page id for which to retrieve a transcript. Can include multiple pageIDs separated by a pipe, ALL for all, or a range, e.g., 10, 10|20, 1-99999
indexContentindexContent (osisRef) for which to retrieve a transcript, e.g., Matt.1.1, Matt.1, Matt, Matt-John
ignoreAccentstrue|(false) Apply a general regularization to witnesses, ignoring Greek accent marks
formatone of (tei), teiraw, htmlfragment, html[_nohyphen], plaintext, transtext[_nounclear][_nosupplied][_nopunct][_noaccents], wce, chapter
userName(default: "PUBLISHED") retrieve a user's staged transcription
preferUserdifferent from userName in that if preferUser doesn't have a transcription, then the PUBLISHED transcription will still be returned
versionHashretrieve a previous version of the transcription
historyif set to true, retrieve version history for the object, instead of the actual object
allUsersused with 'history'. if set to true, retrieve also latest versions for all users
documentGroupIDlist of witnesses which are members of a document group (-1 : all extant)
baseTextBase text module name to include in the transcription list, e.g., NA28
fullPage<true|(false)> if retrieving by biblicalContent, whether or not to return full pages
joinParts<true|(false)> if retrieving TEI and part="I" and part="F" exist unnecessarily, join them.
briefTEIHeader<true|(false)> if retrieving TEI, don't include full details in the header.
splitPunct<true|(false)> if retrieving WCE, split punctuation as separate words
stage<(1 - initial); 2 - submitted; 3 - reconciled; 4 - published