25/04/19 20:38

The Liste entry for GA1357 lacks the institution. This should be corrected to Princeton University Library, Scheide M 70.

Here is a PDF link from Princeton:

I also found a number of other mistakes in the Liste as it relates to the collection at Princeton. 

1) y1956-18 correctly appears in the Liste dropdown of shelf numbers at the Princeton Art Museum, but it is not properly connected to GA1397.

2) The other six entries on the Liste for the Princeton Art Museum show incomplete shelf numbers that should be corrected:

GA1056 - shelf number is y1936-11, not 36-11

GA2386 - shelf number is y1932-14, not 32-14

GA2420 - shelf number is y1935-70, not 35-70

GA2621 - shelf number is y1957-19, not 57-19

GA-l1030 - shelf number is y1954-67, and y1954-68, not 54-67, 68

GA-l1620 - shelf number i sy1956-117, not 56-117.

The PDF below shows the correct shelf numbers:

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RE: GA1357
26/04/19 13:12 as a reply to Darrell Post.
Thank you for this! These have all been updated. Somehow the shelf number Scheide M 70 was in the VMR with microfilm already uploaded. Luckily assigning it to GA 1357 made the microfilm images appear with it.
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